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The last four issues of our 4-Seasons magazine as PDF. Scroll through and be inspired by exciting reports, interviews, news and knowledge. You can also find selected stories in the blog. Enjoy reading and discovering our stories

Who receives the 4-Seasons magazine?

The magazine reaches our active customers and fans of the magazine. A prerequisite for this is a TransaCard. The latest on Transa four times a year, our products and many stories about travel and life. The magazine is available in every store location, as long as there is stock. Stop by and get your copy – if you haven’t received it in the mail.

Imprint and media data

72,000 printed copies

68,000 copies to TransaCard customers

Spring, summer, autumn, winter

Transa Backpacking AG, Josefstrasse 53, 8005 Zurich

Marketing & communication

Readers service

Red-Gun Redaktionsbüro/red-gun.com

Jessica Bischof (editor-in-chief), Moritz Schäfer (editor-in-chief), Stephan Glocker, Michael Neumann, Philip Baues, Julian Rohn, Ingo Hübner, Sebastian Lüke, Nina Probst, Manuel Arnu, Lars Dammann, Claudia Meyer, Gotlind Blechschmidt

Contact: Sarah Fischer, marketing@red-gun.com 
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Vogt-Schild Druck AG

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