Your functional clothing and outdoor equipment need to be able to cope with quite a lot. They accompany you on journeys and tours, in hot and humid conditions, by the fireside or in the undergrowth. Depending on the materials a product is made of, caring for your equipment isn’t that easy. And even high-quality products require care and attention. But with the right care, you can extend the service life of your equipment by a lot. We are happy to help you with this.

For example, we offer a washing service for demanding down products. At our Fjällräven Wax Station we can also waterproof your functional clothing or show you how to do it yourself.

Textile Washing Service

Textile Washing Service  

Down can be especially tricky, because you have to make sure it doesn’t clump together and that it retains its insulating function. For down products like sleeping bags and down jackets, we offer you our professional washing service. You can also have your functional clothing cleaned and waterproofed.

Service & process: Bring your down product or functional clothing to one of our branches or outlets. You can also bring your equipment directly to our workshop.

Please indicate any patched areas so that we can pay special attention to them. This is because we have to check whether we can wash your down product if there are patched or glued places.

We will let you know by email or SMS when your repair job is ready to be picked up. 

Duration of washing: Depending on demand, your job can take several days or weeks. So it’s a good idea to bring the item in well before you intend to use it next.

Prices: Textile washing service

Prices: Textile washing service

Sleeping bagCHF 59
Sleeping bag express serviceCHF 79
Down jacketCHF 49
Cleaning and waterproofing of functional clothingCHF 45
Two-in-one jacketon request/price based on time and work involved
Fjällräven Wax Service

Fjällräven Wax Service 

Greenland Wax is a completely natural product that makes your functional clothing water and wind repellent using natural methods.

Service: You can bring your Fjällräven G-1000 outdoor clothing to one of our branches and use our waxing service for a fee:

Prices: Fjällräven wax service

Prices: Fjällräven wax service

JacketCHF 49
TrousersCHF 29
BackpackCHF 29

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