Ski Boot Adjustment and Fitting

In the Markthalle Bern, Lucerne and Zurich Europaallee branches, we can adjust your touring ski boots to your requirements. When we fit boots, we start off by looking at the whole set-up – the thermal lining and the shell. Often a simple adjustment with heat or stretching the shell in one area can make it more comfortable.

We always recommend a sole that is adjusted to your foot. It provides greater comfort, reduces strain on the inner ankle and improves the transfer of force to the ski. If the boots are still pinching, we reduce the strain on the ankles with foam pads, which can also improve the heel grip. If necessary, we sand the boot board or the shell to fit your foot. Often it takes a few ski tours and small adjustments to get the fit right. We would be happy to advise you.

Ski Boot Adjustment Prices

Column AColumn B
Thermal shoe adjustment
(Free when purchased from us)
CHF 40
Ski boot shell widening (per area)CHF 40

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