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Shoes - between necessity and passion

You won't get far without shoes. Shoes protect your feet from the cold and injuries. They give you support on rough terrain and protect your joints. Shoes can be extremely light, like flip-flops, and they can be heavy and compact, like ski boots. But they can also be soft, like hut shoes, or huge, like snowshoes. You can find the whole world of outdoor shoes at Transa.

The fine and light ones

In summer, there's nothing better than walking barefoot. And it's healthy too. But it's not always pleasant, e.g. on hot sand or tarmac. Flip-flops or toe separators and sandals are the right shoes for you now. With as little material as possible that could cause your feet to sweat, you have the optimum grip. Flip-flop sandals are also available in leather and even with an anatomically moulded footbed. This makes walking in the summer particularly comfortable.

A cosy place to be

Slippers, slippers and slippers should be soft, warm and cosy. They are usually made from wool and have a non-slip sole to keep the cold out from underneath. Slippers should also provide a certain amount of support, especially if you walk around the house a lot. Slippers can be folded flat and take up little space in your luggage. You should pay attention to the strength of the soles if you are travelling in cold regions. Floors are often cold in snowy regions. Protect your feet well from cold floors.

Conquer the world with sandals

Hiking sandals are designed for long distances and high levels of wear and tear. An anatomically moulded footbed, adjustable straps and practical velcros offer a high level of comfort when you're out conquering the world on foot. Clogs offer less support, but are very comfortable because you can slip into them quickly without bending over.

The one for all

Do you love doing lots of sports in the mountains? Then multi-purpose shoes are the right choice for you. Hiking, running, climbing - all with the same shoe, which saves a lot of luggage. Whether a hiking shoe, approach shoe or trailrunning shoe, you'll find all in one in a multi-purpose shoe. An outdoor shoe, ideal for versatile outdoor activists.

Holidays at last

Are travel shoes and casual shoes your favourite shoes? Then you're probably interested in trail shoes, water sports shoes or bathing shoes. At Transa, you'll find a huge selection, including hiking boots, trainers and hiking boots. The right shoes for your sport make many movements easier.

The cold specialists

When it gets white and cold outside, it's your time! Are winter shoes and snowshoes your absolute favourite footwear? Then you'll find all you need for waterproof winter boots, warm hiking boots, lined sneakers and warmly insulated winter shoes at Transa.

What's inside the shoe?

For every shoe, there are matching socks, stockings or booties. And for every type of sport too: trekking socks, hiking socks, sports socks - all have special features that make your outdoor life more comfortable. Insoles with an anatomically shaped footbed or made from lambskin ensure your feet are well looked after every step of the way.

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