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Outdoor clothing - there's something for everyone

In the Transa online shop, you'll find a whole range of clothing to support you on your adventures in the great outdoors. Anyone who spends time outdoors has special demands when it comes to their features tennisbag. It starts with the right functional underwear. Then the t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, blouse or shirt on top. For the cold or cooler seasons, you will need a sweaters/jumpers over it or possibly a vest. Women also like to wear a jumper, skort or dresses for their leisure activities. You can find all of this at Transa, suitable for every season and every outdoor activity.

Important from the start: thermal underwear

If you want to enjoy your time outdoors, then thermal underwear is essential. It reliably transports moisture from the skin to the outside. This keeps you dry, even if you are sweating from exertion or heat. At the same time, it keeps you warm in the cold season without letting the heat build up. At Transa, you will find a large selection of functional underwear, thermal underwear and sports underwear that is not only suitable for skiing. They are warm and breathable. Odour-absorbing merino models can also be found in the selection.

T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt, both are indispensable

Depending on the season and climate, these two variants are used - short-sleeved t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts. At Transa, you'll find a huge selection of styles in all shapes and colours. Many of them are already equipped with sunshade and mosquito protection. This saves you the hassle of applying sun cream and the annoying bites from pests.

Blouses and shirts complete your outfit

Your sportswear should always include a blouse for women or a shirt for men. It goes without saying that our blouses and shirts are breathable and very hard-wearing. To ensure a perfect moisture-wicking climate, it is not enough to just wear thermal underwear. The layers on top must also be breathable, otherwise the so-called layering system will not work. Many of our blouses and shirts for outdoor activities are equipped with roll-up sleeves and functional bags. Absolutely flexible and therefore perfect for your trekking experience.

Shorts, shorts, skorts and dresses

Not every woman or man always wants to roam the great outdoors in trousers. Straight in warmer climes, shorts, a skirt (jupe), a skort or a dress are much more airy than long trousers. That's why you'll find a large selection of airy styles here in the Transa online shop, which are of course designed for sporty outdoor activities. They are stretchy, breathable and hard-wearing.

A vest is like a joker

Sometimes you're too warm, sometimes too cold. You're familiar with this problem with a sweaters/jumpers - this is where the vest comes into its own! As a gilet has no sleeves, the heat can circulate much better. The body is kept warm and the arms have the greatest possible freedom of movement. Gilets for outdoor sports are available in fleece, filled with down, acting as a wind stopper or providing very warm insulation. The choice depends on the type of sport and season. There is always just the right waistcoat for you.

Warmly equipped with a sweaters/jumpers

The sweater is the classic for all sports in the cold season or at great heights. However, an outdoor sweaters/jumpers is fundamentally different from a classic knitted jumper. In outdoor clothing, a sweaters/jumpers must be breathable, warm and quick-drying. It is also important that it does not weigh too much. Our sweaters/jumpers in the Transa range offer all these advantages. You'll also find hoodies, fleece sweaters and your sweaters/jumpers for your next adventure.

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