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Five family-friendly via ferratas in Switzerland

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We’ve picked out five via ferratas in Switzerland that are perfect for beginners and families with courageous kids aged 12-ish and up.

Looking for a family-friendly via ferrata? We’ve put together a list of five.

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Braunwald via ferrata

Braunwald via ferrata

This child-friendly via ferrata in the canton of Glarus features difficulty levels from ‘easy’ to ‘medium’. It runs along a rock face, with a stunning view of the village of Braunwald and the surrounding Glarus Alps. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, the Berggasthaus Gumen restaurant is just under the beginners’ and children’s route. And the foxes in the neighbourhood are said to be very friendly!

Ein Mann und ein Kind am Klettersteig.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi
Pinut via ferrata in Flims

Pinut via ferrata in Flims

Did you know that this is the oldest surviving via ferrata in Switzerland? It was first mentioned in writing in 1739. Located in Flims in the canton of Graubünden, it was comprehensively renovated in 2007. Walking through the Flimserstein is a fantastic outdoor experience for all the family: traverse caves, ladders and stairs to reach three near-vertical steps through the cliff. On a technical level, the Pinut via ferrata is very feasible for beginners and children, but you need to have a head for heights at some points.

Drei Personen auf dem Klettersteig in Flims
Photo © Philipp Ruggli
Gorge Alpine via ferrata in Saas Fee

Gorge Alpine via ferrata in Saas Fee

What makes the Gorge Alpine via ferrata in Valais so special is the spectacular natural phenomena, with the climbing sections taking you past towering rock faces and thundering waterfalls. Ladders, rope bridges and other elements pack this tour with diversity for the whole family to enjoy. It’s like canyoning, but different – namely, without any water! A path leads from the end to the hamlet of Unter dem Bodmen, 10 minutes away from Saas-Grund.

Ein Kind geht über eine schmalel Brücke, diese ist Teil eines Klettersteigs.
Photo © Saastal Tourismus AG/Puzzle Media
Mürren via ferrata

Mürren via ferrata

On this route, you’re not climbing upwards – but downwards! The starting point of the middle station of the Schilthorn cable-car is just 15 minutes away from the little mountain village of Mürren in the Bernese Oberland. This tour isn’t too demanding on a technical level, but you need to have a head for heights, as this spectacular descent involves climbing straight down the mountain until you reach Gimmelwald. Paired with the breathtaking views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, this via ferrata is an experience your family will never forget.

Vier Personen auf dem Klettersteig in Mürren, sie klettern hinunter.
Photo © Mürren Tourismus
Brunnistöckli via ferrata in Engelberg

Brunnistöckli via ferrata in Engelberg

The via ferrata passing over the Brunnistöckli in Engelberg is perfect for beginners. Its short access route and a gain in elevation of 200 or so metres make it ideal for anyone climbing the rocks for the first time. The two hanging bridges make the via ferrata a special treat for young and old alike. The route is well-suited to newbies.

Zwei Personen auf einem Klettersteig in Engelberg.
Photo © Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus

Getting started with via ferratas

These five via ferratas are just a few of the options on offer in Switzerland ranked ‘easy’ to ‘medium’ in terms of difficulty. The via ferratas are open from June onwards in most regions – check with the region directly to make sure. The via ferratas are a great way to give your kids their first taste of climbing while you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Switzerland’s mountains with your family!

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