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Hiking boots: walking well mile after mile

Hiking boots are the favourite activity of many people who enjoy being outdoors in the mountains or forests. If you also regularly go on multi-day hiking tours and tread rough terrain, a pair of good hiking boots, trekking shoes, trekking boots or mountaineering boots should definitely be part of your equipment - depending on the terrain you are most likely to be walking on. The most important thing with most hiking boots is that the shoe is waterproof, that the soles are suitable for the conditions of your tour and that cushioning elements are used to protect your joints. This means you can be out and about in hiking boots for several days without getting sore feet and perhaps having to cut your tour short prematurely.

Hiking boots: comfortable, robust and easy on the joints

To ensure that your hiking boots can withstand the height of your activities, you should pay attention to the following things when choosing them.

You can recognise good hiking boots by the following features:

  • They are extremely robust and offer you very good grip on almost any underground surface.
  • The soles are stable and vary in hardness depending on the model. Integrated midsoles provide additional damping, which is easy on your joints on long tours.
  • There are flat, medium-height and high hiking boots, so you can choose the right model depending on the stability you require and the time of year. A raised weather protection edge provides stability and additional protection against moisture from the outside.
  • The outer material is weatherproof and can be protected again and again against penetrating moisture thanks to suitable impregnation. Some models are also equipped with a waterproof membrane (e.g. GORE-TEX®).
  • The inner lining can be made of textile or leather, depending on the model. It is soft and ensures a comfortable fit. Hiking boots for winter should have an inner lining that is as warm as possible.
  • The shape adapts flexibly to the shape of your foot when worn.
  • Some models are equipped with brake studs in the centre of the tread to give you even more grip on steep paths.
  • Hiking boots are fast-drying and easy to clean after use. Regular impregnation further increases their service life.
  • Additional features such as integrated ankle protection, roll-supporting, stabilising anti-supination and overpronation zones or a heel with shock-absorbing activity, the Climbing Zone at the front and the FreeFlex system for better flexion of the foot further increase comfort.

Hiking boots for alpine activities

If you like setting off on demanding alpine tours in the mountains, you should be particularly careful when choosing your hiking boots or mountain boots. An ankle-high shaft is essential for mountain tours. This protects you from twisting your ankle on rough terrain and spraining your ankle. Mountain boots should also always be waterproof and breathable, as the weather can change quickly in the mountains. The sole should give you grip on demanding underground terrain and have good cushioning properties.

Don't forget to break them in before your first tour

If you have bought new hiking boots, don't forget to break them in well before you set off on a multi-day hiking tour. This gives the material time to adapt to your feet. This prevents painful blisters from forming from the still unworn material when hiking.

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