The Transa sustainability check

Minimum standards and beyond

All the brands sold by Transa meet minimum standards in terms of manufacturing, environment protection and animal wellbeing; our brands are obliged to ensure this is the case. Specifically, this means that we require manufacturers to comply with the ILO’s core labour standards, protect the environment during their production processes and ensure that animals are treated appropriately.

Plenty of our brands go beyond these general standards in terms of fair production, environment protection and animal wellbeing – and we want to showcase this. You’ll spot our ‘sustainability check’ on lots of products. This denotes brands and products that comply with more stringent sustainability standards, so you can instantly see which are doing great work in this area. By extension, this helps us to promote sustainability in the outdoor space and enables you to pick a more sustainable product. 

Here are the three criteria that set sustainable products apart:

Fair production

Faire production

When it comes to fair production, Transa looks at the working conditions at play during the manufacture of the brands we sell. Transa only takes international, widely recognised and independently certified social standards into account. We don’t factor in brands’ own standards in this area.

A product is labelled ‘fair production’ if the brand is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation or the Fair Labor Association or if the product bears the Fairtrade Textile Production label. 

Animal wellbeing

Animal wellbeing

If a product contains down, feathers or wool, Transa scrutinises the brand’s practices related to animals like geese, ducks and sheep. Transa takes international, widely recognised and independently certified animal wellbeing standards into account. We only consider proprietary standards – i.e. standards created by brands themselves – if they include a system for tracking the down or animal product.

A product needs to meet one of the following certifications for Transa to endorse it in terms of animal wellbeing:

Certified wool: the product contains wool certified under the RWS standard or the ZQ standard or the Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP) von Ortovox zertifiziert wurde. 

Environment protection

Environment protection

In terms of environment protection, Transa checks to make sure that eco-friendly processing technologies are deployed and that recycled or green materials are used. Here, too, we start by taking international, widely recognised and independently certified standards into account.

Unlike issues relating to working conditions, certain environmentally conscious practices are specific to particular products. As a result, Transa also factors in proprietary standards (created by brands themselves) to ensure we can acknowledge specific sustainability innovations.

A product needs to meet one of the following requirements for Transa to highlight it in terms of environment protection:

The product meets Vaude Green Shape requirements

Das Produkt enthält eines der folgenden recyclierten oder umweltschonenden Materialien: 

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