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Discover high-quality outdoor clothing for women: Style and function combined>

Browse through our selection of outdoor clothing and discover the latest trends. From functional jackets that keep you warm to stylish outdoor trousers to comfortable hiking boots, we have all you need for your next adventure. Our collection also includes fashionable accessories such as hats and gloves. Whether you're preparing for a hike or simply looking for a casual look for everyday wear, you'll find the perfect outdoor clothing here. With our stylish yet practical outfits, you'll always be perfectly equipped


Choose your outdoor clothing from a range of brands

Discover our selection of outdoor clothing for women, perfect for any weather. From water-repellent jackets from Arc'teryx, breathable t-shirts from Devold to robust hiking trousers from Norrona  - we have all you need for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you're hiking in the sunshine or preparing for a winter trekking tour, you'll be well equipped with our clothing. You can rely on high quality and durable materials. Be inspired by our selection and find the right equipment for your next tour.


How does the layer principle for clothing work?

The layer principle for clothing, also known as the onion principle, is ideal for changing weather conditions. With this principle, you wear several thin layers of clothing on top of each other. The bottom layer, directly next to the skin, should be made of breathable materials that wick away sweat. The middle layer provides isolation and keeps you warm. The outermost layer protects you from wind and weather. The advantage? You can remove or add one or more layers as required. The three layers of the onion principle in women's clothing are:

  1. Base layer: This layer is closest to your skin. It should wick away moisture and keep you warm. Think underwear, thermal underwear or functional underwear.
  2. Insulation layer: This layer provides heat-insulating properties. It can consist of jumpers, fleece jackets or waistcoats.
  3. Weather protection layer: The outer layer protects you from wind, rain and snow. This includes coats, jackets or outdoor trousers.

Don't forget that you can adapt these layers depending on the weather and activity. That way, you'll always be perfectly dressed.


GORE-TEX® product technologies for outdoor clothing for women

Explore our range of outdoor clothing equipped with innovative GORE-TEX® technology. Whether you're looking for a breathable jacket for hiking or waterproof trousers for rainy days, we've got you covered. Our GORE-TEX® products offer excellent protection and comfort in all weather conditions. They are durable, light and versatile, ideal for all outdoor adventures.

GORE-TEX® is an ingenious material used for outdoor clothing. It works through a microporous membrane that prevents water molecules from penetrating but allows water vapour (i.e. sweat) to escape. This keeps you dry in the rain while preventing you from overheating during physical exertion. Ideal for any outdoor activity.


The functions of merino wool in the world of outdoor clothing

Merino wool is a true all-rounder in outdoor clothing. It keeps you warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. The natural fibres are breathable and wick moisture away from the body, helping you to feel dry. In addition, merino wool has a natural anti-bacterial effect, which means that the clothing does not smell unpleasant so quickly. It is also particularly soft and does not itch on the skin, making it an ideal choice for long hikes and treks. And best of all, merino wool is sustainable and biodegradable.

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