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Versatile elegance: discover our selection of t-shirts & blouses for women

Welcome to our extensive selection of t-shirts and blouses for women. Discover the variety in our collection, which includes t-shirts, thermal shirts, tops, cycling jerseys with short sleeves and a wide range of blouses. We offer high-quality products that stand for comfort, style and functionality.

Functions and materials of t-shirts for women

T-shirts for women offer a variety of functions, depending on the purpose for which they are designed. Here are some of the functions of t-shirts for women:

Breathability: T-shirts made from cotton or special functional materials such as polyester are often very breathable. They allow good air exchange by transporting sweat and moisture away from the skin, which is particularly beneficial during sporting activities or warm weather.

Moisture management: Thermal shirts are specially designed to wick away moisture effectively. Materials such as polyester absorb sweat and dry quickly to keep the skin dry and reduce unwanted odours.

Freedom of movement: T-shirts for women are often designed to allow optimal freedom of movement. They have a loose cut or are made of elasticated materials that adapt to the body's movements.

Versatility: T-shirts are extremely versatile. They can be used as the basis for different outfits, worn under blazers or sweaters/jumpers or as a stand-alone garment for leisure activities.

Uv protection: Some special t-shirts offer additional protection from UV rays, which is particularly beneficial during outdoor activities or on sunny days.


These functions vary depending on the type of t-shirt and the materials they are made from. Depending on the needs and activities, t-shirts for women can have different features ranging from style, comfort to specific performance features.


Types of t-shirts for women:

Classic t-shirt:

The classic t-shirt for women is a timeless basic in any wardrobe. Usually made from cotton, it offers outstanding comfort and versatility for everyday wear. It is available in various neckline styles such as round neck, V-neck or boat neck.

Thermal shirts:

Thermal shirts for women are specially designed for sporting activities. They are often made from high-performance materials such as polyester or special blended fabrics that wick away moisture and dry quickly. These shirts offer optimal breathability and freedom of movement, ideal for training or outdoor activities.

Tank tops:

Tank tops, also known as sleeveless t-shirts, are a great option for warmer days or sporting activities. They offer more freedom of movement and are available in different styles and designs, ranging from plain to eye-catching.


Longsleeve t-shirts for women are long-sleeved options that offer extra coverage and warmth. They are perfect as a base layer on cooler days or as a versatile addition to your look.

The variety of t-shirt styles allows women to choose the right t-shirt to suit the occasion and their personal style. From sports activities to everyday outfits, for warm or cool days - the choice is wide and versatile.

Elegante Funktionalität: T-Shirts für Damen aus Merinowolle

T-Shirts für Damen aus Merinowolle verkörpern eine einzigartige Kombination aus Stil und Funktionalität. Diese Kleidungsstücke bieten einen herausragenden Tragekomfort und sind die perfekte Wahl für Frauen, die Wert auf Qualität und vielseitige Einsatzmöglichkeiten legen. Merinowolle präsentiert sich als ideales Material für T-Shirts aufgrund ihrer natürlichen Weichheit und aussergewöhnlichen Eigenschaften. Sie reguliert die Körpertemperatur, indem sie sowohl in warmen als auch in kühlen Bedingungen Wärme spendet. Dank ihrer Atmungsaktivität transportiert Merinowolle Feuchtigkeit von der Haut weg, um dich trocken und komfortabel zu halten. Darüber hinaus besitzt sie natürliche geruchshemmende Eigenschaften, was bedeutet, dass das T-Shirt auch nach längerem Tragen frisch bleibt.

Diese T-Shirts aus Merinowolle bieten nicht nur einen luxuriösen Tragekomfort, sondern auch Stil und Funktionalität in einem Kleidungsstück. Sie sind eine elegante Lösung für Damen, die eine vielseitige, hochwertige und funktionale Garderobe schätzen.

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