Drei Mountainbiker fahren über eine Hochebene in den Bergen.


Six bike tours for autumn throughout Switzerland

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Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for cycling. We have put together six trails and routes for you. From classics like the Bernina Express to tips for the Binn Valley, there’s something for every level.

Whether it’s trails in the Engadine, tricky routes in Ticino or panoramic tours in Valais, there’s plenty of choice for mountain bike tours in autumn. Here are six bike tours that you should definitely take before the first snow falls.

By mountain bike through the autumn

Ein Biker auf einem Weg in den Bergen, die Sonne scheint.
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From the Grimsel Pass to Goms

You can easily reach the Grimsel Pass by post bus, but make sure to reserve a seat. The trail starts along old mule tracks, followed by smoother trails with spectacular views of the Valais’ 4,000 metre peaks in Goms. The short ascent to Unnerbodme and on to Münster via Gämschfax is especially worthwhile. The train then takes you comfortably back to your starting point.

Landscape around the Bernina Pass with a turquoise mountain lake and a view of the mountains.
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Bernina Express

A classic bike tour: from Pontresina you ride to the pass along comfortable trails and forest roads. From there, you have a choice of different trails that lead to the piazza of Poschiavo in the Mediterranean Puschlav. There are impressive views of the Vadret da Palü on the direct route over Alp Grüm. The trails are nice and smooth to ride. The route via La Rösa is a little rockier, but just as worthwhile.

Suvrettapass, karge Landschaft mit blauem Himmel.
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Suvretta Pass

Starting in St. Moritz, you take the cable cars up to Corviglia, but it’s mountain biking all the way from there. It starts with a 250-metre ascent. Traversing from the Munt da S. Murezzan to the Suvretta Pass is a beautiful ride. The trail from the pass was improved a few years ago and leads smoothly to Spinas. From there, you can ride back to the Engadine or take the RhB railway straight home.

Aufnahme einer Strecke fürs Bike in den Bergen.
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Engadine flow trails

There are numerous flow trails in the Engadine. The best known among them is certainly the Corviglia flow trail, but routes like the Trais Fluors are also wonderful. The flow trails are a lot less busy than those you reach by train. And if you need a break, Alp Muntatsch is the perfect place.

Zwei Personen auf Mountainbikes im Wald.
Photo © Jonas Jäggy

Binn Valley

The Binn Valley is not very well known among cyclists, but it’s worth it. A comfortable forest path leads from Binn to Äbnimatt. From there, it’s a beautiful descent over roots and down hairpins to Bärg, continuing through the Schlundwald forest to Uf en Eggä. From there, head through a fairytale forest into the Milibach Valley and finally to Mühlebach. The journey through the Binn Valley takes time, but it’s worth it.

Aussicht auf Locarno, man sieht den See umringt Dörfern und Locarno.
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Trails around Locarno

The Cimetta, Locarno’s local mountain, with the Alp Cardada is a classic for biking. The various trails from the Cardada to Locarno range from easy to tricky. No matter whether you want to test your skills or push them to the limit, the trails offer something for everyone. The Carbon Trail from Alpe di Neggia to Vira is particularly impressive.

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