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Packing list and tips for your next cycling trip

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A cycling trip is a wonderful adventure. Sales advisor Balazs shares tips for the equipment you need on every tour.

It’s worth packing for your cycling tour with precision: although you need lots of equipment, you doubtless don’t want to be lugging lots of weight around. After all, heavy bags or a large backpack make cycling less fun. Our tips will help you easily fit everything you need for a multi-day tour into your bike backpack or small bike bags.

Cycle tours with a bivouac

Take a bivouac with you if you’re feeling adventurous and want to spend the night outdoors away from the crowds. I’d also recommend a touring backpack, a lightweight tent, a sleeping bag designed for summer temperatures and an ultra-light sleeping mat. A bivy sack is a suitable replacement for your tent.

The right clothing for cycling

Provided the weather’s looking relatively fair, a couple of pairs of shorts are plenty. I’d also suggest wearing a fast-drying cycling jersey, paired with a lightweight, breezy cycling jacket that’s wind-resistant and water-repellent.

Eine Frau und ein Mann liegen halb im Zelt, die Oberkörper ragen nach draussen, wo sie auf einem Kocher Essen zubereiten.

Take a lightweight stove to save weight.

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Food and drink

It’s important to save both weight and space when on multi-day cycling tours, so I recommend a lightweight stove for cooking. If you need a quick bite while on the go, you can pack a few ready-made meals and power bars to have as snacks.

Repair kit and equipment

I take a repair kit, tools and a pump on every multi-day cycling tour. I also always bring a replacement tube and an extra chain link, in case my chain breaks mid-trip. And not forgetting my first aid kit, so I’m prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

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  • #Bikepacking

  • #Cycling trip

  • #Touring bike

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