Eine Boulderin klettert den Felsen hoch und zwei Personen sichern am Boden.


Six bouldering areas in Switzerland

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Want to go bouldering outdoors but still looking for a suitable spot? Here are six bouldering areas in Switzerland: we’ve got something in almost every region, from bouldering sites in Ticino through to locations in Schwyz or Uri.

Indoor bouldering is one thing, but outdoor bouldering is usually a much nicer experience. You can enjoy the view and the fresh air, and there might even be a stream nearby where you can cool off. Here are six options for you – with something at every level of difficulty and in almost every area of the country.

Already know what region you want to go bouldering in? Click on the bouldering area to go straight to the description.

Magic Wood – Graubünden

Magic Wood – bouldering in Graubünden

‘Magic Wood’ is one of the world’s most well-known bouldering sites and, with more than 300 boulders to choose from, it’s nothing if not varied. You’ll find routes with difficulty levels ranging from 4a to 8c+ here. The boulders are located very close to each other, so the area is well-suited to families with older children and groups of friends of varying levels of ability. Ideally, you would visit from May onwards: it will likely still be blanketed in snow earlier in the year. There’s also a campsite if you’d like to stay for a few days.

Eine Person bouldert in Graubünden an einem steilen Felsen direkt neben einem Fluss.

Climb on more than 300 boulders in the Magic Wood from May-ish onwards.

Photo © Thomas Saluz
Brione – Ticino

Brione – bouldering in Ticino

Brione is located within Ticino’s stunning Verzasca valley. Previously a little-known destination, it now encompasses 19 sectors with more than 560 boulders ranging from 5a to 8cs+. The best time to visit is in spring and autumn. The Verzasca valley is perfect for families as children love playing in and around the calm river.

Drei Personen mit Crashpads unterwegs im Verzascatal.

Bouldering in the Verzasca valley on more than 560 boulders.

Photo © Alessio Pizzicannella / Ascona-Locarno-Tourismus
Gotthard – Uri

Gotthard – bouldering in Uri

This area is generally an unsung spot that’s only known among experienced climbers. The bouldering area is spread over a large space, so you probably won’t find all the boulders on your first few visits. You can go bouldering on the Gotthard from summer onwards, as the pass is closed until late spring.

Mitten im Schnee ragt ein steiler Fels raus, an dem ein Boulderer klettert.

The bouldering area around the Gotthard is located at around 2,000 metres above sea level.

Photo © Stefan Kürzi
Bavona – ticino

Bavona – bouldering in Ticino

You can go climbing year-round in this bouldering area in Ticino: even the world’s best boulderers train here! As this part hasn’t really been discovered by the general public, new boulders are constantly being identified. Most boulders’ difficulty levels range from 5c–6c and 8a–9a.

Eine hügelige Landschaft mit stark grünen Wäldern und Felsen – im Vordergrund alte rustikale Steinhäuser.

Go bouldering year-round in the Bavona valley bouldering area.

Photo © Alessio Pizzicannella / Ascona-Locarno-Tourismus
Blattiswald – Schwyz

Blattiswald – bouldering in Schwyz

Blattiswald is now a well-known spot. It’s located above Lauerzersee lake and is easily accessible by public transport or car. The bouldering spots are somewhat spread out, but you can find them easily with a guidebook. The boulders’ difficulty range from levels 4 to 8, but some guidebooks haven’t rated them.

Drei Boulderer laufen mit Bouldermatte im Kanton Schwyz über eine Wiese.

Twenty-seven glorious granite blocks are waiting for you after a 20-minute walk.

Photo © Rainer Eder
Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge – Bern

Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge – bouldering in Bern

The Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge is located in Bern and spans the Aare near the casino. In other words, you’re climbing in the heart of the city. Routes on retaining walls, long crossings: there’s something for everyone! After you’ve completed your bouldering stint, you can cool off in the Aare. Definitely worth a visit.

Ein Kletterer bouldert an einer senkrechten Steinmauer, auf den Mauern prangen Graffiti.

Go swimming in the Aare after your urban bouldering adventure.

Photo © Somara Frick

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