Zwei Personen mit Schneeschuhen im Aufstieg, die Sonne scheint.

Winter sports

Everything you need to know before your first snowshoeing tour

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Snowshoeing takes you right into the heart of snow-covered terrain. We explain which rules you need to follow, how to walk properly in snowshoes and which gear to choose.

When you’re snowshoeing, you’re almost walking on top of the snow. You hardly sink in, which allows you to cover longer distances through the snowy terrain. Here, we’ve got answers to the big questions about what equipment you need, how snowshoes work and what to watch out for in deep snow.

Out and about on snowshoes

Out and about on snowshoes – the first steps

Different snowshoes at a glance

Snowshoes at a glance – models and their functions

Ein Verkaufsberater und eine Kundin stehen  vor einem Regal mit verschiedenen Schneeschuhen.

Different models suit different tours. It’s best to decide whether you’ll be doing more alpine snowshoe tours or going out on flat terrain.

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The right equipment for snowshoeing tours

The right equipment for your snowshoeing tour

Away from it all in an igloo

Away from it all in an igloo – staying overnight in winter

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