Ein Mädchen macht einen Schneeengel.

Winter sports

Five activities in the snow doing winter differently

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Tramping through snow, enjoying the fresh air on your face – winter has a charm all of its own. We’ve collected five ideas to help you enjoy the winter months.

Want to do something different from sledging, skiing or snowboarding? We’ve collected five activities for you to do in the snow and ice. Away from the slopes, you can experience winter with the whole family. You can do the excursions in one day or just in the afternoon or evening.

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Hiking with snowshoes

Snowshoe hiking: on the trail of the Yeti

Hiking with snowshoes opens up new worlds, well away from the ski slopes, chairlifts and crowded cable cars. This winter activity is ideal for discovering new places to go and Switzerland’s regions. The boots give you a firm grip, help you use your strength to hike nimbly across the snow.

Over hilly landscapes, up to the mountain peaks or through forests covered in fresh snow: a wide variety of routes means you can choose the one that best suits you and your requirements. Try it out! And don’t forget to pack some food and warm tea – because not all snowshoe routes take you past a restaurant.

You can find snowshoe routes in your area on the SwitzerlandMobility winter sports map, for example. It also shows you wildlife refuges that should be avoided in winter.

Zwei Personen von hinten, sie tragen Schneeschuhe und gehen durch eine verschneite Landschaft, die Sonne scheint.

Donning your snowshoes is a great way to discover new regions.

Photo © Ruedi Thomi 
Cooking in the snow

Evening meal in the snow

Cooking out in the snow is a special experience, both with family and friends. The first key to success is having the right equipment, such as cold-resistant winter gas. And then, of course, you need to be willing to brave the cold temperatures outdoors.

Once everything is ready, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking outdoors. How about a pot of spaghetti, for example? Tip: when you melt snow in the pan, slowly sprinkle the snow into the pan like sugar so that the base of the pan is always covered with water. If the snow melts in lumps, you might burn through the pan. And for dessert, you could prepare a chocolate fondue. It tastes even better outdoors!

Fünf Personen knien um ein Feuer draussen, sie machen Schlangenbrot.

Bread on a stick as a snack. Later, you can cook the meal over the fire.

Photo © Ruedi Thomi 
Playing in the snow: snow labyrinth

Lose yourself in the fresh snow

Fresh snow? Perfect. All that’s needed for this simple activity is about ten centimetres of fresh snow, a flat surface (garden, park) and good cheer. Sketch a labyrinth in your notebook and then stamp out the route in the snow.

Here’s how it works: stamp out the route and then make it clearer using a snow shovel. Your children will probably be happy to help you. Caution: stay on the trail. Tip: secretly hide a few treasures in a cool box and then mark them on the map. If the snow has become harder, a snow saw can help.

Ein Mädchen stapft durch Neuschnee.

A labyrinth is especially easy to stamp out in fresh snow.

Photo © Ruedi Thomi 
Winter hiking at night

Nighttime walks in the snow

Pull on your winter clothes after dinner and go for an evening walk. For this winter activity, you’ll need a headlamp, sturdy shoes, warm gloves and a hat. There’s something special about a snow-covered landscape at night, and a glowing starry sky is a lovely way to end the day. Some tourist destinations offer winter hiking trails that are illuminated with lanterns in the evening.

Eine Schneelandschaft, fünf Personen in der Ferne, der Himmel ist gefärbt vom Abendrot.

Although the sunset may provide good visibility at first, make sure you pack a headlamp for your evening walk.

Photo © Ruedi Thomi 
Experiments with the cold and snow

Experiments with the cold and snow

The cold and the snow offer plenty of freedom for creativity, from building snow castles and igloos to experimenting in sub-zero temperatures. Frozen soap bubbles are beautiful and exciting.

For the ideal recipe, all you need is half a litre of water, about 90 millilitres of washing-up liquid and four heaped tablespoons of sugar. The washing-up liquid must not contain any moisturising substances. Carefully blow the soap bubbles onto a soft surface and see what happens. If it is cold enough, ice crystals will form within a few seconds and the bubble will set into a solid ball.

If you’re still keen on more homemade winter decorations, fill a basin with about three centimetres of water. Place a few twigs, berries and leaves in it and leave it to freeze overnight. Next day, remove the resulting pendant from the basin and hang it outside on a tree. When the sun shines, the decorated ice will shine and sparkle in the sun.

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