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Hiking in autumn: essential equipment for your backpack

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On an autumn hike, you need to be prepared for all types of weather. Hiking trousers for warm and cold temperatures, hiking boots for muddy and dry trails. Transa’s Sarah shares tips in the video and tells you what must be on your list of what to pack.

The mornings are chilly and the hiking trail may be muddy or slippery due to the fallen leaves. But it’s supposed to stay dry today – at least according to the weather forecast. This is a potential scenario when you plan a hike in autumn. So, what needs to go on the packing list? Of course, you want to be prepared for rain and have everything you need for a safe hike, but you still want your backpack to be light.

Dressing right to reach the peak

It’s nothing new, but it’s tried and tested: the layering principle. If you sweat, just take off a layer; if you’re cold, put it on again. And if it’s windy at the top, you can just add another layer. In the video, Transa’s Sarah explains what she looks out for regarding hiking boots, hiking trousers and backpacks for autumn hikes.

On chilly days, it’s also wise to pack gloves and a knit cap or headband – especially if you’re hiking up to a really high peak. There may be snow there already. Check this with webcams if possible. This will help you judge your tour better.

Short days and closed huts

 With the right clothing in your pack, you’re already heading in the right direction. However, when planning your hike, remember that the days are shorter than in summer. If you don’t reach the summit until late afternoon, it may already be dusk on the descent. So plan your autumn hike a little earlier and make sure you pack a headlamp.

Some huts are already shut in autumn. Some cable cars also stop operating during the winter. Make sure you check this beforehand and pack enough food and drink. If you still have room in your backpack, a thermos bottle of hot tea may not be light, but it will really warm you up.

Packing list for your autumn hike

First aid kit, map and GPS device plus a pocket-knife are probably top of your items to pack first. The list here has other things especially for hiking in autumn. Must-have items are:

  • Headlamp

  • Knit cap/headband

  • Gloves

  • Sufficient food

  • Thermos bottle containing hot tea

  • #Hiking

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