Eine Frau sitzt auf einem Baumstamm, der am Boden liegt. Hinter ihr sieht man bis zur Hüfte eine andere Person, die auf dem Stamm balanciert. Beide tragen Kleidung von der Marke Craghoppers.


Insect protection: NosiLife clothing from Craghoppers and other aids

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Mosquitoes and other insects can spoil even the most beautiful adventure. With the right clothing and mosquito repellent, such as sprays, you can keep the pests away from you. Here, you’ll find tips on good insect protection.

Ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes and fleas – they’re all tiny, but cause sleepless nights, itchy spots and, in the worst case, can even transmit disease. You should pack insect spray or NosilLife clothing when travelling abroad. But insect protection – especially for ticks – is also worthwhile in local forests. Ticks are active from March to October, or even throughout the year in mild winters.

What is NosiLife and how does it work? How do I take care of my clothes so that the protection lasts for as long as possible? And what household remedies keep insects away? Here you’ll find the most important information on reliable insect protection.

How does NosiLife from Craghoppers work?

Long clothing provides better protection against insect bites than short clothing: because your skin is mostly covered, insects cannot bite as easily. Clothing with Craghoppers’ NosiLife technology provides even better protection. This is because an active substance in the clothing’s fabric prevents the insects from landing or lingering on it. In 2024, Craghoppers changed the active substance; now, fully plant-based eucalyptus citriodora oil serves as the insect repellent. The oil reduces the risk of getting stung or bitten, lowering your chances of contracting an insect-borne infection such as Lyme disease or malaria.

Clothing from Craghoppers with NosiLife

The advantages of insect repellent clothing

NosiLife clothing offers some advantages compared to other insect repellents. The upfront cost for the clothes is more than a spray, for example, but it’s worth it depending on how often you’re out and about. That’s because the protection with NosiLife clothing is:

  • Permanent: a mosquito sprays wears off after a few hours and you have to spray yourself again. NosiLife clothing, on the other hand, reliably protects you against insects again and again, even after numerous washes.

  • Gentle: protective clothing is an especially good choice if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients in mosquito sprays. What’s more, your clothes won’t smell like the sprays.

  • Consistent: clothing protects your entire body, including your back and other places that you can’t easily reach with a spray.

NosiLife: here’s what’s new

Among other changes, Craghoppers will use a different active substance for NosiLife from 2024 that works against many different insects. Transa stores only sell clothing from NosiLife with the new active substance. In the outlets, you may find some with permethrin.

Here you can see what NosiLife has changed and more.

Active substance
Until now:
Permethrin (synthetic substance)
New: Eucalyptus citriodora oil (plant-based)

Mode of action
Until now Insecticide:
insects land on the surface and absorb some of the chemical. They quickly fly away, but then die from the insecticide.
New insect repellent: The insects are impeded from landing on the surface.

Until now:
Inserts with anti-odour function
New: The entire garment is odourless

Works against
Until now:
Mosquitoes, gnats, midges
New: Mosquitoes, forest ants, midges, fruit flies, dust mites, fleas, bedbugs, ticks

Keep in mind, while NosiLife is an effective repellent against insects, for even better protection you should still apply insect repellent lotion or a spray to exposed skin. Remember to cover the ends of your trousers with your socks and cover all other openings if possible.

Tips on how to care for NosiLife clothing

Craghoppers’ garments retain their protection throughout their lifetime. It’s important that you follow the care instructions and wash your trousers, jackets, tops or socks no hotter than 30 degrees. When handwashing while travelling, the water is most likely not going to be hotter than this anyway, and you don’t need to wash your clothes all too often. The anti-odour technology keeps them fresh for a long time, even during sweaty hikes or in tropical climates. And thanks to the SPF 50+, you can save on using sun cream underneath your clothing.

Travel medicine: here’s what to watch out for

Especially when travelling to distant countries, it’s important that you pack your medicine kit based on the country you’re travelling to and inform yourself about travel medicine measures. You can seek advice from the following specialist centres, among others:

DEET in mosquito spray: what is it?

There are many different types of mosquito sprays. Those with DEET are especially effective against bites over a long time. The active substance diethyltoluamide (DEET) is considered to be particularly effective and keeps mosquitoes away for up to eight hours. However, it can also irritate the mucous membranes. For this reason, most DEET-based mosquito spray manufacturers do not recommended their use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Additionally, products containing the active substance are often unsuitable for children – check the information on the packaging. DEET can also damage plastics, so remove your glasses and put your camera aside when spraying.

Home remedies for mosquitoes and insects

There are some home remedies that can keep insects away from you and act as mosquito repellent. Try out what works best for you, your home and your activities.

Essential oils: among other things, lemon or eucalyptus oils keep insects away – which is why they’re also used for NosiLife clothing. If you want to use the oil on yourself as insect repellent, be sure to dilute it before applying it directly to the skin – it can cause irritation otherwise.

Fragrance lamps, diffusers and bracelets: fragrance lamps distribute essential oils throughout a room; diffusers and wristbands work the same way. They allow you to use the fragrance on yourself without applying anything to your skin.

Smoke spirals: smoke keeps insects well away from your balcony or garden. Even a campfire helps.

Mosquito nets: whether over your hammock and bed or directly on your hat, mosquito nets provide reliable protection from insects.

Insect protection

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