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As a retailer, we’re part of the value chain and engage in in-depth dialogue with our suppliers. Read on to discover the social, environmental and animal wellbeing standards that products need to meet before we’ll consider adding them to our range.

Transa doesn’t manufacture products itself: instead, we buy them from merchants or brand manufacturers. This puts us in a position of great responsibility. We actively decide which brands and suppliers we work with and which products we include in our range.

The Transa Code of Conduct sets out our sustainability criteria in terms of social, environmental and animal wellbeing standards. Every brand is obliged to sign and be bound by our Code of Conduct. We work with our suppliers to engage in a transparent, honest dialogue on sustainability so that we can move our sector forward together. The outdoor industry has undergone a noticeable shift in recent years as far as sustainability goes. Sociopolitically, too, the industry is being called upon to think holistically and promote the transition to a clean, circular economy. This change was partly sparked by feedback from the market – or, in other words, from customers like you. 

Our services

The right product for as long as possible

The right product is determined by criteria relating to both sustainability and quality alike. We work with you to ensure you can use your product for as long as possible – and you can lay the foundations for this by making the correct purchase. We’ll tell you how to use your product and care for it appropriately. And if your equipment does ever get damaged, our comprehensive range of repair services is here to help.

EOG membership 

Transa is a member of the European Outdoor Group. In addition, we’re an active participant in the Sustainability Group, which enables to us to engage in direct dialogue with key manufacturers. In turn, this helps us to share our social and environmental concerns from a retailer’s perspective. 

Environmental responsibility

The criteria we adhere to in terms of environment protection place caps on chemical doses, limits and emissions. We ensure our suppliers comply with REACH, the European directive on chemicals. Manufacturers are either not permitted to use certain harmful substances during the production process or these substances are not permitted to be present in the end product. We prefer brands that are accredited by independent certifications (such as ‘bluesign®’) and products with a quality seal or certificate (like ‘GOTS’ or ‘Made in Green by OEKO-TEX®’). We also like products to be made from recycled materials and/or to be recyclable themselves, ideally compatible with the circular economy. If we can recycle a particular product, it will have a ‘Recyclable – bring it back!’ label on it.

Social responsibility

Transa’s goal is to offer its customers products from safe, fair supply chains. We encourage responsible working practices and request that our brand partners, suppliers and producers comply with, implement and review fundamental social standards. 

We ask our brand partners to roll out measures and tools to ensure their supply chains adhere to ILO core working standards so we can establish fair, safe supply chains. Codes of conduct are one way to do this. We perform audits to ascertain whether everyone involved in the supply chain is adhering to the relevant code. 

Transa supports and favours brands that strive to go the extra mile when it comes to social responsibility and in turn reinforce safe, fair working conditions in industry. Initiatives like the Fair Wear Foundation or the Fair Labor Association are examples of projects focused on implementing and reviewing social standards. At the product level, ‘Fairtrade’, ‘GOTS’ or ‘Made in Green by OEKO-TEX®’ meet the minimum requirements.

Animal wellbeing at Transa

We’ve been showing that you don’t need fur to enjoy your outdoor activities since 2014, when we banned genuine fur from our stores. We’re a member of the global network of Fur Free Retailers, a consortium of retailers that don’t carry products made from genuine fur. 

We do not want to remove Merino wool or down from our range. However, we are aware of the responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with selling animal products. As a result, we require our suppliers to meet clear animal wellbeing standards. 

All brands selling down or Merino products to us need to sign an animal wellbeing guarantee. The wool, down or feathers are only permitted to come from farms that guarantee appropriate living conditions for the animals. 

Live plucking, harvesting (moult-plucking or moult-harvesting), force-feeding and mulesing are all banned. We favour products from manufacturers who can provide recognised certificates regarding the way that the wool or down was produced. For wool, this is the ‘RWS – Responsible Wool Standard’ and ‘ZQ™ Natural Fibre’, for down, the ‘TDS – Traceable Down Standard’ and ‘RDS – Responsible Down Standard’.

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