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Hatchets and axes: the main differences and full care details

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What’s the difference between an axe and a hatchet? How can I use my hatchet safely and how do I sharpen the blade? Sales advisor Richu shows you how in the video.

To create a warm fire, you need wood. And to make the wood, you need the right hatchet. Sales advisor Richu and his colleagues normally think ahead about which hatchets they’ll need, and then take the right ones with them. Richu presents several types here – but the list is endless. Specialist axes come in all kinds, depending on their use and size.

Axes and hatchets

The proper way to care for your hatchet

  • Hatchets with blunt edges are annoying, unsafe and very hard to work with. So, they need sharpening regularly. Plus the blade should have a protective leather sheath – your backpack will thank you for it.

  • Grinding on the go: carry a sharpening stone with you.

  • Linseed oil is excellent for protecting the wood. You can treat the blade and leather with leather wax made by Gränsfors or Grangers, which also helps prevent rust.


  • Thick leather boots won’t save your toes from accidental blows with an axe, but they are still a good idea.

  • Wear sturdy trousers. You can get special protective trousers with Kevlar knee pads.

  • Rubberised gloves help give you a firmer grip and protect your hands from injury.

Handle the axe correctly

  • #Bushcraft

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