Ein Mann und zwei Kinder wandern durch einen Fluss, der Wasserpegel ist sehr niedrig.


Hiking along a river with kids

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Transa’s Fabian loves heading outdoors with his children – even on hot days. They’ve decided to hike along a river so they can stay nice and cool. Here, he shares ideas for games and explains what you should be aware of.

I’ve chosen the Goldach as the location of our river hike, as this (somewhat lengthy) tributary of Lake Constance is located on our doorstep. We’ve crossed the river umpteen times but never hiked in it. Normally, we head to Lake Constance or the outdoor pool when we want to cool off – but this time, I was after something more laid-back.

Outdoor game ideas

These four game ideas will keep the trip exciting for the whole family and help children discover nature though play.

  • Ein Junge schaut mit einer Lupe ein Tier im Wasser an.

    Watch insects through a magnifying glass.

    Photo © Somara Frick
  • Ein Mädchen sitzt auf einem Stein und baut ein Steintürmli.

    Built towers.

    Photo © Somara Frick
  • Ein Junge schaut mit einem Feldstecher in die Luft, er steht in einem Fluss, das Ufer ist bewaldet.

    Look for birds with binoculars.

    Photo © Somara Frick
  • Ein Junge an einem kleinen Bach, er springt von einem Stein zum nächsten.

    The floor is lava: or in our case, don’t touch the water and just jump from stone to stone.

    Photo © Somara Frick

Before we set off, I’d been concerned that it wouldn’t really be possible to do a tour like this in open water. What if the weather takes a turn for the worse and the rain suddenly raises the water level? Or if there are points where we have to swim? We didn’t have a boat. Once I’d checked the weather forecast to make sure no storms were on the horizon, we set off with my innately adventurous sense of trust: we could always turn around if we couldn’t go any further.

The midges and horseflies became a real problem: we weren’t able to take an extended break due to the insects, but insect repellent and long sleeves made it somewhat bearable. If we’d only been wearing swim trunks, our river hike would have been truly excruciating. Alongside our unwanted companions, though, we saw lots of other insects large and small. We’ll remember our trip as a unique way to experience the natural world. I can highly recommend it for a hot summer’s day, as long as you’ve made the necessary preparations.

Protecting nature

You need to take care on the water, too: most species of birds have their breeding season in April and May, so June, July and August are best for a river hike. Even then, too, you need to respect nature and protected areas. Plus, keen an eye on the weather, including in rivers’ catchment areas, and the water level: this can rise rapidly in no time at all if a power plant opens its sluice gates or it rains heavily.

Equipment for a river hike with children

  • #Kids

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