Drei Personen an einem Brunner in der Natur, sie spritzen sich Wasser an.

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Seven summer activities here’s how to cool off

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Outdoor adventures don’t need to stop when the temperature rises: here are seven summer activities guaranteed to help you keep your cool.

When the mercury starts rising, you can sometimes struggle to think of things to do outdoors: after a while, just going swimming all the time starts to get boring! Getting to higher altitudes can help you cool off, for instance, as the temperature drops around 8 degrees for every 1,000 metres you ascend. The small hours can also be the perfect time for an outdoor adventure. Here are more tips and products to beat the heat – so, grab your water bottle and let’s go! 

Ein Mann und eine Frau stapfen durch Dickicht in einem Wald.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Wild hike

Love hiking and looking for adventure? If that sounds like you, a wild hike is just what you need. A well-shaded route along a river is a sure-fire way to stay cool – but if that’s not enough, the natural pools are the perfect place for a dip. Make sure to respect nature and protect yourself against ticks. A riverside hike is also perfect for families with children.

Ein Mann und ein Junge auf einem selbst gebauten Floss.
Photo © Dani Ammann

Build a raft

True, building your raft is a sure-fire way to work up a sweat – but that makes the reward of paddling along the water even more worth it. This tip is also perfect for children, as setting off on a treasure-hunt in their very own raft is a bona fide adventure.

Zwei Personen auf Mountainbikes fahren durch einen Wald.
Photo © Jonas Jäggy

North-facing routes

North-facing routes usually catch the sun later in the morning and end up in the shade earlier in the evening. It’s also useful to note that lots of mountain lakes – remnants of glaciers and snow fields – are located on north faces. 

Ein Wasserfall in den Bergen.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Visit a waterfall

What could be nicer than a hike to a cooling waterfall? Stunningly pretty waterfalls are located in the upper Maggiatal valley near Foroglio, in the Lauterbrunnental valley or near Walensee lake (Seerenbachfälle falls).

Ein Mann auf einem Packraft auf einem See.
Photo © Cyrill Vagac

Running water

No matter whether you’re on a kayak, packkraft or swimming, running water tends to be cooler than lakes. So, don’t forget your river bag on your next trip to the river!

Eine Gruppe von Menschen in den Bergen, der Himmel ist eingefärbt vom Morgenrot.
Photo © Ruedi Thomi

Set off early

The coolest part of the day isn’t in the depths of night, but rather early in the morning, just before sunrise. In other words, the earlier you start, the more pleasant your trip will be. Don’t underestimate that, for Alpine tours, in particular, the risk of rockfalls increases quickly as the day goes on. Take care on east-facing slopes, which get the sun very early in the day. Plus, the heat can cause thunderstorms in the mountains. When planning, make sure that you can get down earlier if you need or that there is shelter nearby.

Bild eines Waldes, man sieht eine Lichtung, dahinter erheben sich Berge.
Photo © z.V.g.

A hike through the jungle

Is there really a jungle in Switzerland? Yes! Located between the Muotathal valley and the Pragelpass pass, the Bödmerenwald forest is one of the last untouched woodlands in the Alps. In addition to an exciting trail with information about flora and fauna, this circular route through the dense forest offers plenty of shade – perfect for hot days. And the refreshing Klöntalersee lake is waiting on the other side of the Pragelpass pass.

Equipment to beat the heat

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