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Tips to beat the cold what really helps

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Cold, nippy winter air on your face may be nice. But then your hands and feet start to freeze, and eventually your whole body. Our tips explain why leggings help against cold feet and which foods and drinks warm you up.

The sun hasn’t come out yet – it’s a cold, clear winter morning. You’re trudging through the snow. And despite being wrapped up to the nines and getting some exercise, you’re freezing. This chilly scenario can make your adventure a lot more difficult. That’s why we have four tips here to keep you warm.

Thin layers for more warmth

The key to dressing in winter is the layering principle. The rule of thumb here is that several thinner layers keep you warmer than one thick layer. So it’s worth combining thermal underwear with a fleece and a Primaloft jacket, for example, rather than just wearing a thick down jacket. And why? By adding several layers together, you create more layers of air between the garments, providing extra insulation. You also benefit from being able to easily switch your clothing to suit different activities and temperatures during the day.

Protect exposed areas

A common myth is that almost half of the body’s heat is lost through the head. This is not quite true – but more heat is lost via our head than elsewhere. The reason for this is not the unprotected areas, but the many neural pathways that converge here. They make our heads particularly sensitive to the cold. In addition, we have hardly any muscles on our head that could produce heat when we move. A hat is therefore a must.

  • Drei Frauen stehen draussen im Winter beieinander, sie tragen Mützen.
    We lose more heat through the head than anywhere else. So it’s worth wearing a hat or headband.
    Photo © Ruedi Thomi 
  • Drei Frauen stehen draussen im Winter beieinander, sie tragen Mützen.

    Lots of thin layers provide better protection against the cold than one thick layer.

    Photo © Ruedi Thomi 

Stimulate blood circulation

Extremities such as our hands and feet are particularly susceptible to the cold. Essential info: warm socks are not the only way to keep cold feet warm. Blood circulation in the body parts in between, such as the abdomen and legs, is crucial. If your abdomen is cold, your body will restrict blood circulation and your feet will also freeze – even if you wear warm socks and shoes. So leggings and thermal underwear also keep your feet warm.

Eat to keep warm

As well as the right clothing, your diet is also crucial. It’s not surprising that warm food is more effective at combating the cold than cold meals. Take a look at the ingredients: ginger, chilli and pepper in particular have a warming effect. Citrus fruits such as oranges are refreshing, but they cool your body down. So, it’s always worth having a thermos of hot ginger water with you!

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