Ein Mann mit Kletterausrüstung klettert in einer Mehrseillänge an steilem Felsen.


Climbing multi-pitch routes: the necessary equipment

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Want to climb a multi-pitch route on your tour? You need to prepare well and make sound plans. In the video, mountain guide Fabian explains what you need to consider, while the packing list details what equipment you need to take.

You’re probably familiar with single-pitch routes. Now, though, your first multi-pitch tour is on the horizon and you’re wondering what to take with you.

It’s not witchcraft, but you do want to plan your tour well. After all, you need more equipment and more preparation than you would for a trip to the climbing park. In the video, mountain guide Fabian and sales advisor Michi reveal what you need to bear in mind for a multi-pitch climbing tour.

How to plan a tour with multi-pitch routes

The route determines whether your multi-pitch tour is a success or a failure – and whether it’ll be fun or overwhelming. Adjust the tour to its participants’ level: it’s better to err on the easier side. Incidentally, there’s a difference of around two climbing levels between indoor climbing and outdoor climbing. Pay particular heed to difficult sections: are they in the first pitch or the third? The later you need to handle tricky passages, the more tired your hands and arms will be.

Before you set off, you should check out where you can turn round or secure yourself. You may need to retreat if a storm moves in or you can’t make any more headway. Finally, start early enough so that there’s enough time to get up, abseil down, take a break and enjoy the view every so often.

  • Mit zwei grossen Seilen über der Schulter bereiten sich zwei Kletterer auf eine Route vor.

    Plan and discuss the route in advance with all the participants.

    Photo © Severin Karrer
  • Nahaufnahme eines Kletterbuches mit verschiedenen Routen.

    A climbing atlas or route book is helpful when making your preparations.

    Photo © Severin Karrer
  • Kletterin mit Kletterausrüstung bereitet sich auf den Aufstieg vor.

    Handy to have: a small backpack for multi-pitch tours.

    Photo © Severin Karrer
  • Zwei Kletterer befinden sich mitten im Felsen auf einer Mehrseillängentour.

    Now there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your climbing adventure!

    Photo © Severin Karrer

However, you don't just need the right equipment – you also need the necessary expertise. For instance, you need to be able to build a belay station. Ideally, you’d learn this in a course, like those offered by our partner Höhenfieber. This video was also produced in collaboration with this mountaineering school.

Equipment for multi-pitch routes: your packing list

For a multi-pitch tour, you need everything you’d take to a climbing park – plus the following:

  • Self-belaying slings/standing slings

  • Half rope (instead of a single rope)

  • Small backpack

  • Lightweight jacket

  • Food and water

  • Climbing guide book for planning

  • Mobile and first aid kit

  • Headlamp 

Ideally, check over the material one last time before your tour. Does everyone have a safety device and enough carabiners? Is the rope in good shape? Does your climbing harness fit properly? If so, you’re ready to go!

Climbing equipment

  • #Climbing

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