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About 8b+

Unconventional and creative - that's a simple way to describe the 8b+ brand. Having a unique selling point on the rock is not only defined by the difficulty of the ridge you are climbing. The scope for fun and creativity is crucial in further development and has a positive influence. In 2012, the small brand 8b+ from Austria set out to create unique and unusual chalk bags and bouldering bags. It was the puzzled faces of children and the strong performance-driven climbing industry that prompted the company founder, armed with a pencil and eraser, to design a chalk bag that caused a wide grin even after the first drawing. This was the birth, so to speak, of the first model "Felix", which soon wanted to be lined with magnesium and tried out. Basically, it was this idea of a "climbing buddy" with character that defined the first product of the then nameless company. A sketch was quickly turned into a hand-embroidered pattern, and the first hundred pieces were distributed around the kitchen table even faster to prepare them for the market. It wasn't even a week before the first store called to say "we need supplies". A success story was about to begin.

The focus was not on weight and performance-oriented design, but on recognition value, character, fun and charm. What was the result? Unconventional products with the name: Peppi, Franz, Marley, Felix, Lena and Gexi. Who has a chalk bag with strong, sewn-on arms, button eyes and an embroidered mouth? At first glance, the small, shaggy monsters turn out to be well thought-out and absolutely functional climbing equipment on closer inspection. Every single chalk bag from 8b+ is made from high-quality materials and the robust workmanship ensures a long life. Softshell in the opening area, a soft fleece lining and the large opening ensure user-friendliness. The bags can be securely closed after use with a drawstring.

The cheeky, cheerful look of the chalk can be lightly restored even after frequent activity: The outer skin survives machine washing without any problems. Each bag has its own story to tell, so that the feeling of a loyal companion rather than a mere magnesium bag quickly sets in. The mega versions of the chalk bags as boulder bags are also interesting. In addition to all the clever details, they also score points with a range of practical functions and technical features. Robust workmanship (especially the heavy-duty mesh), weight-saving materials, brush holder, hip belt and careful seams ensure that all technical requirements are met. An ideal gift for all those who don't want to carry magnesium in "just any bag". The size and capacity also make it suitable as a shopping bag. An ideal gift! Whether for your own use, or as a fun gift for your climbing buddies. 8bplus is not just a grade on the French scale, it's also a small but mighty company that provides the climbing scene with fun and new ideas. 8b+ - more than a grade!

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