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About Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a manufacturer of high-quality hardware products for climbing, alpinism, outdoor and skiing.
Black Diamond's roots go back to 1957, the year 18-year-old Yvon Chouinard bought a hammer and an anvil and started making hand-formed pitons. To finance his climbing trips, he sold the homemade equipment in Yosemite National Park - out of the trunk of his car. Other climbers quickly realized that his intelligently designed products were the best they could get. One of the early products developed by Chouinard Equipment was the Chouinard carabiner - a huge improvement on the carabiners that existed at the time. The Chouinard Standard was light, strong and uncomplicated. It embodied simple, highly functional design, durability and performance - and quickly set the general standard for the industry. In 1972, an article in the Chouinard Equipment catalog changed the sport of climbing forever. A concept that originated in England and became known for "clean climbing" sent a clear, strong message: Protect the rock by using crampons and other "clean" fuses. This revolution was supported by the Chouinard Hexentrics and crampons.
Since then, the exceptional geometry of the hexentrics and wedges has been refined to make these two products as important today as they were in 1972. What started with an anvil in the backyard and a hammer has now grown into a global company with branches on three continents - a company that not only produces for velcro climbers, but also stands for the spirit, values and goals of the sport. This has always been the case, is the case and will remain so in the future. Since 1957, the innovative equipment designs have set standards in many areas. This is partly down to the commitment and vision of the incredible team of employees. And it's because every single one of them is a climbing and skiing enthusiast themselves.
Black Diamond is a company with people who use the products - that's what makes it special. Employees and team see themselves as the biggest dreamers of what could be and the biggest critics of what is. That is why the design and development of Black Diamond is a process that will never end. The company's commitment today is bigger than ever - thanks to the many employees at Black Diamond USA, Black Diamond Europe and Black Diamond Asia, whose boundless energy and passionate dedication has created a promising future for all climbing and skiing enthusiasts worldwide. Black Diamond Equipment Experience
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