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About Buff

The founder of the Buff brand, Joan Rojas, was a passionate motorcyclist. He loved the feeling of freedom when he rode his motorcycle through the streets of Igualada. He noticed that although his army neck warmers were comfortable, they did not keep the wind out sufficiently. Since he worked in his parents' textile factory, he created a product: a seamless tubular garment made of microfiber. That was in 1991 and the beginning of the Buff brand. At first, only relatives and friends used his new invention, but soon many others were interested. Joan designed the first collection. Three years later, he was already selling the tubular scarves in Germany, France and Switzerland. Buff designs and manufactures knit caps, scarves and other products in Spain. The most popular product is still the multifunctional tubular scarf, a practical item of clothing in sunny or stormy weather. The company sells its products in over 50 countries.

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