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About Campingaz

An engineer from France was annoyed by the inconvenience of camping and founded the company in 1949 together with two other engineering colleagues. Colomb, Corlet and Sillon designed a small, light and refillable gas cylinder, which they launched on the market in the same year. The legendary "Bidon Bleu" was a burning success throughout Europe. In the 1950s, the three Frenchmen launched many more ingenious gas barbecues and gas stoves as well as camping lamps and revolutionized this sector. After initially concentrating mainly on cooking, they expanded their focus to include keeping food cool. In the 70s, they designed cool bags and boxes as well as cool storage systems. In 1996, Campingaz and Coleman Company Inc. joined forces. Together they move the production of barbecue products to an Italian plant and Campingaz Italia is opened.

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