Clif Bar

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About Clif Bar

The idea for Clif Bars came to Gary Erickson in 1990 during a bicycle race in California. Despite being very hungry, Gary could barely manage a bite of the energy bars he had brought with him. That day, Erickson decided to bake a better-tasting bar that would provide optimal energy during sporting activities. He took his idea to the best baker he knew, his mother. After countless attempts and a long period of tinkering in his mother's bakery, the first Clif Bar was launched on the market in 1992. Erickson named the energy bar after his father Clifford, who had introduced him to the beauty of the Sierra Nevada. Clif Bars contain a very good mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber, which feeds the working muscles with the energy they need. The company is now one of the largest producers of energy bars and power foods and supports more than 1500 professional and amateur athletes with the Clif Bar Team. The company is still owned by Gary Erickson and his wife, who place a high value on sustainability, environment protection and fair working conditions.

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