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About DU/ER

"In terms of our collective impact on the planet, the single most important thing we can do is purchase a few well-made pieces that we wear consistently." - Statement from the DU/ER brand on its homepage about its goal. DU/ER follows the credo of a minimalist and authentic closet, the contents of which do not follow any fashion dictates, but rather suit the tank top. Behind the idea of buying few, high-quality and durable items of clothing is the desire to avoid waste - a clear statement against fast fashion and for our environment. Clothing from the Canadian label DU/ER follows your every move and combines functional aspects with comfort. This makes the collection ideal for athletes and active people who are at home in the great outdoors.

Under the leadership of Gary Lenett and Abid Hafeez, DU/ER is constantly working on new solutions for environmentally friendly production; the current focus is on new dye technology and reduced water consumption. The use of selected bacteria-inhibiting fibers, which are intended to reduce water and detergent consumption, also speaks to this. The denim repair program is valid for a full year after purchase at both locations and guarantees longevity - an exceptional service.

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