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About Fabric

In 2014, Frome was named the sixth coolest town in England by The Times. Whether the component manufacturer for bikes and bikes Farbic has anything to do with this is not known. All can be improved if you look at a product from different angles, bring in experience and are prepared to break new ground. Fabric likes to take an unconventional approach to technological or design problems and find refreshing solutions. What is developed in the design office in Frome, in the English county of Somerset, is based on functions, performance, technology, ergonomics and elegance. The Fabric team often finds its inspiration outside the bicycle industry. The manufacturing methods for Fabric products are also unique. In addition to innovative saddles, drinking bottles, handlebar grips and tools are also developed. Fabric works on products, tests them relentlessly and develops them further, resulting in a sleek design with better functionality. Fabric is driven by a belief in the continuous improvement of products in the bicycle industry.

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