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About Giro

Jim Gentes, founded his brand Giro in 1985 with the intention of developing cycling helmets that increase both safety and power. The first model he designed and developed was the "Advantage" helmet. Based on basic aerodynamic research, it was designed to offer time trialists less air resistance, allowing them to gain speed. The aero helmet was born. In 1986, Jim takes the Prolight helmet to the Long Beach Bike Show and rides back with a $100,000 order. 1989 is a big year for Giro, as Greg LeMond wins the Tour of France by 8 seconds ahead of Laurent Fignon in a time trial with a Giro "Aerohead". Giro helmets are known for their design, functions and safety. Today, Giro is the specialist when it comes to protective clothing for fast-paced sports. Giro produces protective helmets for women, men and kids, including road bike helmets, MTB helmets, bike helmets, time trial helmets, sports helmets, full-face helmets, children's bike helmets and youth bike helmets.

You can also rely on Giro in winter since 1999. Giro creates a light ski helmets with ventilation openings. Skeptics laugh, but as with bike helmets, the use of head protection becomes a normal sight in the mountains. Since then, Giro has continued to develop. The manufacturer Giro does not simply develop and produce helmets. It is versatile: gloves and glasses are available for almost every sport. High-end products with the highest safety standards and a unique, sleek and simple design. Giro moves with the sport, rethinks, reshapes and defines new trends. The lessons learned from past mistakes are corrected and optimized. Giro goes further, close to the sport and close to the people. At the end of the 1990s, the US helmet manufacturer Bell buys Giro and keeps Giro in its range as a high-price brand.

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