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About GSI Outdoors

The founders of GSI Outdoors, siblings Don, Ian and Kathy Scott, grew up in Penticton, a small town of 30,000 people in British Columbia, Canada. The great outdoors were right on their doorstep, so it's clear why the store's motto focuses on being outdoors: It's all about the outdoors, the rest is meaningless. But before the company was founded in 1985, the siblings gained various experiences. They worked in Saudi Arabia for various construction companies and managed projects for a partner company of their father. However, it was more of a coincidence that the three of them would soon be all about camping tableware and camping cooking pots.

Their focus on good outdoor kitchen equipment is undivided. They concentrate on the production of tableware and cutlery as well as drinking bottles and cooking utensils for on the go. GSI produces many of these products themselves. Feeling homesick and missing the four seasons, the siblings moved the company's headquarters to Spokane, Washington State in the 1990s. The company grew rapidly, in some cases over 50% per year. This enabled them to keep presenting innovations. The Ultralight thermos bottle is lighter than any other of its size. In 2018, the Pinnacle frying pans were given a special non-stick coating that had never been seen before. The small family business is run in a deliberately uncomplicated way. The focus is on the customer and their needs and on achieving the highest quality. Transa has been selling GSI products for many years out of conviction.

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