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About Hilleberg

Well over 30 years of experience in the construction and manufacture of expedition tents and constant further development have shaped the Hilleberg tent program. The name "Hilleberg" is a seal of quality. Over the years, Hilleberg tents have received numerous awards in the trade press and in reader surveys. In particular, the high quality of workmanship and innovative spirit have been recognized. Hilleberg's specialty are storm-resistant and snow-proof small fortresses that are nevertheless super light. The materials used are also characterized above all by their enormous stability and durability. The history of the company began in 1971 when Bo Hilleberg, a forestry worker by trade, founded his own company, Hilleberg AB. In the same year, Bo met Renate Neuner during his skiing vacation in Tyrol, Austria. Within a year, they "clicked", got married and Renate moved to Sweden. The meeting of Bosse and Renate was the decisive step towards what would soon become Hilleberg the Tentmaker.

Initially, Hilleberg AB mainly sold forestry machinery, while tentmaking was merely a passionate sideline. As a long-time and passionate outdoor sportsman, Bo was frustrated with those tents where the inner tent had to be pitched first and then the loose and wildly flapping flysheet had to be pulled over it. He dreamed of tent constructions where both parts could be erected - but he didn't have the necessary sewing machine skills. The meeting of the two soon had beneficial effects on all levels: Renate took on the sewing while Bosse took care of design and sales. A division of labor that was extremely beneficial for both the company and the two of them and has been ever since. Each decade has brought significant growth to the Hilleberg company - but also to the family. Every Hilleberg model, from the 8-person Atlas tent to the 1-person Akto tent, is designed and developed with an optimal balance between reliability, manageability, versatility, weight, strength and comfort. To highlight the capabilities of a camping tent, Hilleberg uses their proven label system: Black Label features their most versatile all-season tents for the toughest challenges; Red Label features the lighter all-season tents that still offer high strength; the preferably light tents in the Yellow Label group are equipped for warm climate regions and snow-free tours in moderate weather; and the Blue Label models are specifically designed for specific tasks.

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