Hyperlite Mountain Gear

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear is an American brand that specializes in the manufacture of extremely light backpacks and tarps. Around a decade ago, company founder Mike St. Pierre was so dissatisfied with the range of trekking backpacks and tarps available at the time that he quickly set up his own company specializing in the manufacture of tarps and backpacks. He brought co-founder Dan St. Pierre on board and from then on concentrated on optimizing technical manufacturing processes and searching for the best materials. In 2011, Hyperlite Mountain Gear was named the winner in the Small Business category in a competition organized by corporate giants American Express and Google. It was at this point that the American company's international triumph began.
Products from Hyperlite Mountain Gear impress with their extremely low weight, making them the ideal companion for long trekking tours. To keep the product weight as low as possible, the American company primarily uses Dyneema as the base material. It is significantly lighter than Kevlar, for example, about four times as robust and can be optimally processed into backpacks and tarps. The backpacks and tarps made of pure synthetic fibers have a long service life, are easy to care for, particularly robust and therefore a long-lasting companion on your trekking adventures.
Alpinists and long-distance trekkers appreciate the high functionality of Hyperlite Mountain Gear backpacks. A comfortable fit even with a high weight load, ideal ventilation and many individual adjustment options ensure the perfect fit of trekking backpacks from Hyperlite Mountain Gear. A striking feature of many of the US manufacturer's products is their purist design. The product designers focus primarily on the color white as a design element and avoid superfluous style elements. This also applies to the various tarps from Hyperlite Mountain Gear.
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