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For many outdoor activists and mountaineers, Lundhags is synonymous with the best hiking boots in the world. Partly because of their unique durability and quality, and partly because of the shell principle that allows them to be adapted to any situation and activity. Lundhags Skomakarna AB was founded in 1932 by shoemaker Jonas Lundhag, who started making shoes and hiking boots in Frösön in Jämtland, Sweden. His goal was simple, but the task was a challenge. His boots had to be sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Since then, the Lundhags company has passed on its knowledge and tradition from generation to generation. And they still work to the same standards, considering functionality and durability to be of the utmost importance. Lundhags' preference for quality and functionality was just as strong as its love of nature. And this focus has carried the company ever since. Today, Lundhags is one of the classic Scandinavian brands in the outdoor segment. Lundhags develops and sells hiking boots, clothing, backpacks and tour ice skates for active recreation. The company has a subsidiary with shoemaking/production in Järpen in Jämtland, Sweden, and a branch in Stockholm. Lundhags has also been consistently sustainable for many years. The functional clothing is made from sustainable eco-cotton, leather is tanned in an environmentally friendly way and impregnations are always CFC-free. The above-average high quality of Lundhags products is another aspect of sustainability. The main consideration here is that a long product life cycle is the simplest contribution to conserving resources and thus to environmental compatibility. Since 2012, Lundhags has been part of Swix Sport AS, a leading global manufacturer of ski wax, ski poles and Swix brand clothing. The portfolio also includes the wool brand Ulvang. Lundhags distributes Swix and Ulvang on the Swedish market. The company has around 30 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 130 million.

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