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A travel diary is part of any journey or adventure in nature. Impressions need to be collected and recorded so that you can always remember the beautiful moments. But notebooks are always useful in other situations too, for example when you are out and about on business. The problem is that rain, moisture and insects can really damage the paper. The start-up MODE STONE from Finland has thought ahead and developed a durable notepad for outdoors. Founder Kalle Kinnunen came up with the idea during his time in the Finnish army. His important notes from military school were destroyed by water. So MODE STONE developed a paper from recycled materials that is tear-resistant, water-repellent and inedible to insects. What's more, the notepad does not need to be written on with a pen. A key or similar pointed object can also be used. MODE STONE wants to ensure that you can leave notes even under extreme conditions in nature. According to the company, MODE STONE's paper is sustainable and uses significantly less water, energy and trees than conventional paper and emits less CO2 into the air.

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