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About Mons Royale

For a long time, wool was what mom and dad wore in winter; or in chunky knits, the eco and tree-huggers. Honestly, the scratchy and chunky knits just weren't sexy. Hamish Acland is from Wanaka New Zealand and spent years as a professional on the Word Freesking tour. As a pro skier, Hamish traveled the world living out of a ski bag and a duffle bag. The merino base layer was functional, but looked more like an Everest climb. In 2006, Hamish Acland left the skiing circus and set up his own business making clothing, underwear and accessories from merino wool. First on, last off is the motto on Mons Royale underwear. At the end of 2008, he met Hannah Aubrey, now his wife. Hannah had just returned to New Zealand from a three-year stay in New York and took up the idea of Mons Royale. In 2009, Mons Royale had its first orders, had five retailers as partners and enough stock for thirty. Through its former skiing sponsor Völkl, Mons Royale found a Swiss importer. This meant that Hamish and Hannah had their packaging and catalogs ready in three languages - English, French and German - early on in the company's foundation. Mons Royale offers merino clothing for all seasons and activities. The merino brand is also ahead of the competition when it comes to style. The designs meet all technical requirements without losing the fashionable, visual aspect. Because you don't always have to look like you're on an Everst expedition, you can be a bit cheeky. Whether it's sporty tops and skimpy panties for women or undershirts in a combination of tightly woven wool on the front and breathable merino mesh on the back, merino wool always ensures cozy warmth and optimal temperature regulation. Merino wool has a unique wearing comfort. An absolute bonus of merino wool is that its surface feels very soft on the skin and does not itch, as it has a much finer fiber structure than normal wool. It is therefore also very suitable for sensitive skin. Another feature is that merino wool underwear simply doesn't stink because of its anti-bacterial properties! First on, last off!

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