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About MSR

Seattle-based MSR has been setting new technology standards for high-performance outdoor equipment since 1969. The promise of quality production and innovation ensures that customers are always equipped with the best, most reliable equipment for outdoor adventures. The MSR product line includes stoves, fuels, cookware, water treatment and drinking systems, sunshades, snowshoes and all-season trekking poles. Mountain Safety Research's rich history began in 1969 with a newsletter announcing its goal of improving safety in mountain sports. The company's founder, Larry Penberthy, was an engineer, inventor and experienced mountain sportsman with the ambitious goal of making hiking and mountaineering safer. In the beginning, he worked under the supervision of a group called The Mountaineers. Over 18 months followed, during which he worked on and tested cooking fuels, the elongation of ropes, the holding power of climbing pitons, the strength of ice picks and a long list of other important issues. Soon, Penberthy and his organization could no longer manage the extensive research projects on their own. And so, after six months, Penberthy founded Mountain Safety Research Inc. The company sells and manufactures safety equipment to support the equipment, research procedures and training safety program.
Mountaineers who subscribed to Mountain Safety Research's newsletter were offered a small donation of $3 to at least cover printing and mailing costs. The first edition included an ice picks reinforcement kit, snow anchors, a self-belay device, a climbing rope, cold weather gloves, carabiners, belt straps and a snow saw. It also included detailed instructions on how to build igloos. Penberthy's ambitious goal was to provide mountain sports enthusiasts with the best information and equipment and to fill gaps in their needs with his own inventions. It was only a matter of time before the focus of the newsletter shifted to the sale of high-quality mountaineering equipment. Part of the entire product range was developed by Penberthy himself, based on actual needs and his own experience as a mountain sports enthusiast.
The ambitious goals of founder Larry Penberthy are continued by MSR today. The construction of high-quality products for top performance, reliability and safety when hiking, mountain sports, camping etc. is of course still the focus of the company today.
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