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About Nordisk

The global Nordisk brand offers outdoor equipment, sleeping bags, tents and other gear for the mid and premium outdoor segment with demanding Nordic functions, special design, function, innovation and history. On March 2, 1901, at the age of 23, H. O. Lange, the son of a grocer, founded Nordisk Fjerfabrik A/S in Copenhagen. His business idea was to trade in raw materials and partially processed products, mainly down and feathers. Over the years, the company grew from simply trading to developing its own products, such as blankets and cushions, to become one of the world's leading companies in this industry.
In the early 1940s, the company began developing its first sleeping bags. From the very beginning, both down and synthetic fibers were used as filling material, and the construction was similar to that of comforters and cushions. The outdoor product range grew rapidly thanks to constant further developments and improvements. The importance of the growing outdoor market was recognized and Nordisk Fritid was founded in Malmö, Sweden. The aim was to develop products for the outdoor market that were innovative, functional and of high quality. This resulted in the brand "Caravan", one of the first real outdoor brands in the world.
During the 1980s, cookware, shoes, compasses, knives and bicycle bags were introduced and Caravan was one of the first full-range suppliers in the outdoor industry. What's more, Caravan now also focused on design, almost becoming a fashion brand. After the dramatic events and the resulting bankruptcy of Nordisk Fjer in 1991, the company continued to exist under the name Nordisk Freizeit GmbH, with a focus on the northern German market. The Caravan brand became Nordisk. In 2005, Erik Møller bought the company together with two partners, and since then the focus has once again been on products, product development, customer satisfaction and, last but not least, strengthening the 'Nordisk' brand. A solid basis was created on which to conquer the world, now under the name 'Nordisk'. Since 2010, the focus has been on key markets such as Europe and Asia. With the opening of its own office in Asia, Nordisk can now manage all processes, from production to delivery to the retailer, even better and faster. At the same time, a product development department was established, which underpins the Nordisk brand claim with corresponding products.
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