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About Norrona

Norrøna was founded in 1929 by the Norwegian outdoor pioneer Jørgen Jørgensen and has been a family business for four generations. Norrøna's history and success story began with the Sporting Goods & Leather Factory and the manufacture of backpacks, tents and leather goods. This was soon followed by expedition-ready sleeping bags and robust outdoor clothing. The Norwegian brand stands for nature, outdoor and adventure! Norrøn is an old Viking language and Norrøna is the name given to someone who speaks this language. The Viking logo depicts a birch leg, a well-known historical figure in Norway. In the early 1970s, the company focused on innovation through new materials. In their rich history, the Norwegians have set several milestones for the outdoor industry. In 1972, the first tunnel tent with two entrances was created. 1977 a milestone, the Norwegians are the first European company to use the Gore-Tex functional membrane in their outdoor jackets. Today's design philosophy is based on the company value: "Loaded Minimalism". This means: functional clothing that has all it takes to withstand even the most extreme conditions, but is free of unnecessary frills and ;comes from sustainable production. The brand's style resonates with customers. In recent years, the company has won several design awards for its products. The Trollveggen Gore-Tex® Pro Shell jacket and the Lofoten 35 backpack have been among the winners. Top athletes from the snowboard and freeski scene also see that Norrøna rocks our zeitgeist. As a features tennisbag for many well-known expeditions, from Mount Everest to the world's poles, the brand has great credibility in the production of durable and functional outdoor clothing. The family business manufactures high-quality products from the best technical materials for active outdoor enthusiasts and can look back on almost 100 years of experience. No investor or large brand stands behind the products, which are all designed and developed in Norway. The team's experience and the Norwegians' close connection to nature make the brand's products popular and high-quality companions for adventures and outdoor activities.

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