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About Osprey

California 1974, the birth of Osprey: It all started with a sewing machine, a head full of ideas and a desire to create innovative backpacks that meet the highest standards. To this day, Osprey backpacks embody the pioneering spirit of yesteryear, from the highest mountains to the most remote islands and everywhere in between.
At the age of 16, young outdoor enthusiast Mike Pfotenhauer founds Osprey Packs in Santa Cruz, California, to design and manufacture customized and expertly engineered backpacks. In 1976, breathable mesh fabric was introduced for Osprey backpacks. Initially, the Californian only designed for his friends. His aim was to implement the long-awaited details to create a good and functional backpack. Word quickly spread about the new Osprey brand and demand for the ingenious backpacks exploded. Even today, Mike Pfotenhauer is still fascinated by the stories of how his backpacks reach outdoor enthusiasts around the world and travel with them.
In 1986, Osprey began distributing backpacks to specialized outdoor stores and in 1990, Pfotenhauer moved Osprey to Dolores, Colorado to find enough workers for production to meet the strong demand for Osprey backpacks.
In 1994, Pfotenhauer moves part of the Osprey production to Cortez, Colorado and in 1999 the company expands and the remaining part in Dolores is moved to Cortez. To optimize competitiveness, Mike Pfotenhauer decided to move the entire production to Vietnam in 2003. He moves to Ho Chi Minh City with his family to oversee operations for the next four years and sets up a quality control and design center staffed by local employees. Since then, the high-quality backpacks have been produced here under the watchful eye of Pfotenhauer. The big advantage: Pfotenhauer is always on site and his new developments do not have to travel a long distance to reach production, where he can also closely monitor and control the faithful implementation of his ideas at all times.
In 2003, Osprey Europe is established in the UK to distribute Osprey products for the European market. Four years later, Osprey pulls off another innovative coup with the launch of the award-winning Talon Series, which becomes one of the world's leading backpack designs. Today, Osprey is one of the most functional and highest quality backpacks in the outdoor specialist market. After more than forty years of development, design and construction, the backpack manufacturer can claim further great innovations, such as the "Straight Jacket Compression System" and the unique, individual adjustment of the hip belts with the "Custom Molding System (CMS)".
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