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About Q36.5

Q36.5: The future of bicycle equipment
The Q36.5 brand stands for absolute innovations in the field of cycling clothing. And the combination of the company name is no coincidence, because it means: Research ("quaerere") and 36.5°C (represents the optimum temperature of the human body).
The brand name thus reflects the entire philosophy of the Italian manufacturer. The company specializes in high-quality cycling clothing that not only adapts perfectly to the physical needs of each individual athlete, but is also scientifically based. The company now has numerous dealers in Europe, Asia and North America, providing the cycling world with the highest quality textiles and accessories.
Italian professional cyclist Vincenzo Nibali is the company's brand ambassador and has been actively involved in the production of the various sporting goods since 2013. Because hardly anyone else knows the expectations of the sporting goods as well as he does.
A large selection for women and men
Basically, Q36.5 has all the cycling clothing you need for off-road cycling. From helmets, jerseys and shorts, jackets and gloves to socks and shoes, it's all here. Both women and men can choose from a wide range of products to put together their own personal sportswear. It doesn't matter whether cycling is done as a hobby or in the frame of professional races. Thanks to the clothing, every tour becomes a real experience!
Special designs for special requirements
Q36.5 also offers special collections that are geared towards very specific requirements. In addition to spring outfits and summer clothing, there are also garments specially designed for indoor training. Textiles for extreme wind and rain conditions can also be purchased, which provide optimum protection for the athlete and at the same time ensure a pleasant body feeling. However, particularly low or warm temperatures also demand a quantity from athletes. And Q36.5 has also found optimum solutions for this: Depending on the temperature range, different textiles can be used, which - depending on the weather - optimally warm the athlete, provide sufficient ventilation or have a corresponding cooling effect. Safe and modern outfits for optimum riding enjoyment.
Q36.5 is aimed at all cyclists who not only want to dress appropriately for the weather, but also in a particularly safe and modern way. Thanks to modern development technologies, the company is constantly presenting new production results that fully meet all these customer requirements. Whether in a timeless design or in particularly colorful versions: Q36.5's bike equipment leaves almost nothing to be desired and will have suitable products in stock for every customer. And with the perfect equipment, every bike tour can be climbed with ease.
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