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About Reima

Reima is a traditional company with 70 years of experience in the design and development of functional children's clothing. The icy Finnish climate and the changing seasons are decisive for their product development. Whether in sun, rain, snow or match - with the high-quality and multifunctional children's collection from Reima, safe and carefree fun is no longer a problem, even on demanding undergrounds. The extraordinary success story began in 1944 with Pallo-Paita Ltd., which was founded in 1939 in the small town of Kankaanpää in Helsinki. Initially, the company only produced workwear for women. The first production was made from old snowsuits from the Finnish army and surplus tents from the US military. In 1945, a new factory was built under the company name Kankama Ltd. A short time later, the first product expansion took place and the company soon switched entirely to children's clothing, outdoor clothing and sportswear. The company's priority was to produce industrially manufactured, inexpensive yet high-quality children's clothing that would improve the clothing standards of Finnish families during the post-war period. The company carries out extensive usability and laboratory tests on all new products and materials at its headquarters in Kankaanpää. For example, they test all materials for wear and tear for at least six months, and they must pass comprehensive laboratory tests before being introduced into production. Random checks are also carried out in every production process to ensure consistently high quality. And the best thing is: Reima products are tested by the most honest and strictest test team in the world - the kids themselves. Today, the company employs around 100 people in Finland and a further 75 or so in its subsidiaries abroad. The main shareholders of Reima Ltd. are the international investment company The Riverside Company and Reima executives themselves. The company achieved a turnover of 62.3 million euros in 2013. The most important export markets are the Scandinavian countries, Russia and Switzerland. Elina Björklund has been Managing Director of the company since 2012.

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