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About Spektrum

UV exposure increases rapidly at great heights. This not only puts a strong strain on our skin, but also on our eyes. If other weather conditions such as snow, cold, dry air and wind are added to this, our eyes also feel the effects. High-quality, professional eye protection is therefore essential when heading out into the mountains - whatever the season. The Swedish start-up SPEKTRUM knows this only too well, as all the founders are enthusiastic skiers, snowboarders and outdoor lovers. The group of friends come from the mountain town of Åre in northern Sweden and are all familiar with the sometimes drastic weather conditions at such heights. Extreme arctic sunlight, heavy snowfall and torrential rain can alternate rapidly. SPEKTRUM therefore designs and manufactures sunglasses, goggles, mountain bike goggles, skiing goggles and snowboard goggles that meet the highest standards of protection and power. Because SPEKTRUM attaches great importance to sustainability and climate protection, all of the start-up's products are made from bio-based resources. The frames of the glasses are mainly produced from the oil of castor oil seeds. The sustainability of the production process reduces total CO2 emissions by 46% compared to similar materials. The material of the glasses is also lighter and more durable thanks to the use of castor oil. SPEKTRUM also ensures that the castor oil seeds come exclusively from organic cultivation.

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