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About Superfeet

Superfeet Worldwide Inc is considered a revolutionary company in the global foot orthotic industry. The success story of Superfeet began in 1977 in one of the world's leading laboratories for foot orthopaedics, Northwest Podiatric Labs, USA, with the development of customized insoles. The aim was to produce affordable orthopaedic insoles for everyone. The founders of Superfeet, Dr. Dennis Brown D.Sc. (Hon.) and Christopher E.Scmith D.P.M. developed over 40 patents for the innovative design elements of the Superfeet insoles. The shape and design of each Superfeet insole is the result of their 40 years of know-how and experience from working with more than one million pairs of feet.
Superfeet has developed premium insoles with a biomechanically correct shape and innovative design elements that work together to ensure lasting support and better power every step of the way. Made from the highest quality materials, Superfeet insoles offer superior stability and high levels of comfort at an affordable price.
All Superfeet products are based on the principles of orthopaedic biomechanics and combine the best materials with a patented shape to keep the foot in the most ideal position. A well-aligned and stabilized foot reduces pressure on muscles and joints, improves power and prevents premature fatigue and injury. This is why the quality of the insoles is particularly important when it comes to sports. Superfeet: Support the feet and keep the body in balance.
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