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About Toko

The Tobler & Co. brand was founded in 1916 by Jakob Tobler. Twelve years later, the first factory was built in Altstätten in the canton of St. Gallen, but it was not until 1962 that the company moved into it. A short time after construction work began, Jakob Tobler changed the name of his company to ToKo AG. In 1940, the legendary 1-3-5 skiing friction wax was introduced and the company acted as the official wax service provider for the Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. In 1975, the hot wax concept was launched, which is still available today in the same color concept, with yellow for warm wax, red for medium-warm wax and blue for cold wax. After several changes of ownership, ToKo AG was finally integrated into Mammut Sports Group AG in 2003. Only six years later, wax production was outsourced again and since then the company FRIKE has guaranteed Swiss Made. In 2010 ToKo was taken over by Swix Sport AS and the new company Toko-Swix Sport AG was founded at the old company site in Altstätten, followed two years later by the launch of a new hot wax line and in 2016 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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