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About Tubbs

Since the Tubbs Foundation was founded in 1906, the quality of the products, development and innovation have been at the forefront. Especially in the field of ergonomics, innovations are of great importance if you want to hold your own on the market. In 1915, the company produced 50,000 pairs of snowshoes for the first time, which were provided to the British military for their activities in the First World War. As a result of this act, the company gained popularity and demand increased rapidly. In 1928, Admiral Byrd chose Tubbs Snowshoes to go on her South Pole expedition. It was to be America's first successful expedition since 1840, requiring 75 pairs of snowshoes. After many more successes and expansion to Japan, Scandinavia and other countries, Tubbs Snowshoes is not resting on its laurels. Instead, they continue to do all they can to push innovation forward.

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