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Bikepacking: saddle bags, frame bags, handlebar bags what you need

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There’s a bikepacking bag for almost every adventure: you need something different for a multi-day gravel bike tour than for an extended cycling trip. In this video, sales advisor Jacky shares tips for bikepacking and choosing the right bags.

If your cycling trip is going to last multiple days, you need good bikepacking bags. After all, they’ve got to have room for your sleeping bag, tent and a change of clothes – plus, they need to keep everything dry if the heavens open. Unlike extended cycling trips, which involve large quantities of luggage being fastened to a luggage rack, bikepacking entails your kit being attached to your bike without any luggage rack at all.

In the video, sales advisor Jacky shares tips and helpful answers to questions like: saddle bags, frame bags, fork bags, top tube bags... what are the different kinds of bikepacking bags out there? How can I pack my luggage to lighten the load as much as possible? And what equipment do I actually need for a tour?

Tips on looking after bikepacking bags

Tips on looking after bikepacking bags

Caring for your bikepacking equipment properly is crucial so you can enjoy using it for as long as possible. You’re probably not going to have much energy left after a long day in the saddle on your tour. However, following these tips in advance will help you keep enjoying bikepacking for a long time to come.

The best way to pack your bike

The best way to pack your bike

The more centrally you put the weight, the less you’ll feel it when cycling. Having a lot of weight on the handlebars can also impact how you cycle and restrict your view of the ground, so you’re best off packing heavy items near the saddle or in a frame bag. Lighter items, conversely, can be kept in your handlebar bag or further back in your saddle bag.

In addition to thinking about the weight distribution, you should consider what you need during the day. Put tools and spare parts in a frame bag so they’re easily to hand.

Trying out and hiring bike bags in store

Got an idea of the bikepacking bags you need – but want to try them out on your own bike before you buy? Just pop by and see us! We’ve set up bikepacking stations at our Zurich Europaallee and Markthalle Bern stores, where you can fill various bags with real equipment and mount them onto a display bike or your own set of wheels. We’d be happy to provide you with things like stoves, clothing and pans. Then, you can take your bike for a test ride and see how its handling changes and whether you need to modify how you’ve packed everything.

If you didn’t know, you can also hire bikepacking bags from us.

  • #Bikepacking

  • #Touring bike

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