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Bidons and bidon holders: buy cheap online now

Do you like to take your bike on long tours in the great outdoors? With the practical bidons and bidon holders from our range, you'll always have enough to drink on the go. We stock small bottles for short intervals on your road bike and models with a large capacity for day trips. We also offer special bike drinking bottles such as squeeze bottles. They keep the contents refreshingly cool for a long time even at high outside temperatures in summer or ensure that your drink doesn't cool down too quickly in winter. You can also conveniently order models made from environmentally friendly recycled material from us online.

Bidons and bidon holders from our range

In our online shop, we offer drinking bottles and matching holders for your bike tours from well-known manufacturers and in excellent quality. For example, we offer models from Camelbak, Specialized, Topeak, GripGrab and Lezyne. Thanks to our large selection, you can also find colour-coordinated bike water bottles and holders to match the design of your bike.

Bidons in various sizes

When choosing a bike water bottle, the capacity is one of the most important decision criteria. In our shop, we stock a range of different models, from small 0.5 litre models to large drinking bottles with a capacity of one litre. This allows you to find the right drinking bottle for the length of your tours. For particularly long rides, you can of course also combine several bottles with each other or with a practical hydration pack. This means you are independent of shops or public drinking water dispensers when you are out and about. The selection of bottles in our range also differs in terms of the material used. Manufacturers usually use plastic, which is particularly impressive due to its low weight, easy maintenance and durability. In some cases, recyclable or biodegradable material is also used in the production process. These drinking bottles are particularly environmentally friendly. Soft and absolutely leak-proof valves ensure a high level of comfort during use. In addition, high-quality bike drinking bottles are characterised by a special coating to prevent mould from forming inside the bottle.

Practical bidon holders

In addition to the drinking bottle for your long tours, you will also need a suitable bidon holder. Depending on the model, this can be attached either to the frame of the bike or to the seat post. For road bikes and time trial bikes, attaching to the seat tube is often the preferred option due to the better aerodynamics. To find a suitable mount in our range, it should be compatible with the drinking bottles you already have or have already added to your shopping basket. Models that can be adapted to the size of the bottle are therefore practical. The material used also determines the additional weight on your bike. Carbon and plastic are very light and therefore ideal for ambitious bikers with a sporty focus. Bidon holders are usually very easy to attach with two screws to the prefabricated mounting options on the frame.

Buy bike bottles and holders online at Transa

Have you already found your new favourite bidon for your bike tours with a suitable holder in our range? Then order it online from Transa with just a few clicks! We prepare all available products from our online shop for dispatch a short time after you place your order and deliver them directly to your home. This means you can attach your new drinking bottle to your bike just a few days later and set off on a long tour.

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