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Eine Familie mit zwei Erwachsenen und drei Mädchen sitzen auf einer Bank im Wald. Sie haben ihre Velos an den Bäumen angestellt und schauen auf eine aufgefaltete Karte.


How to make cycling trips with kids a success tips and equipment

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Transa’s Marc often goes out cycling with his three daughters. In this video he shares his personal experience so that a bike ride is fun for everyone. And to make sure everyone has the right equipment with them, here are a few tips.

Going on a cycling trip with kids is a great adventure and certainly different from other bike tours. Kids are different from adults in what they want and need when it comes to cycling. Transa’s Marc has experienced this again and again on his family outings by bike. To ensure it’s a successful experience for young and old, he keeps in mind a few important points. Enough breaks, the right bribe and racing: you can find his personal tips in the video.

Tips for cycling trips with kids

Bicycle equipment for kids

Having the right equipment is half the battle on a bike tour – and that’s true with kids, too. We’ve put together a few tips on the right gear for a bike ride with the kids to keep them zooming along happily for as long as possible:

  • Sitting comfortably: Little ones can also end up with a sore bum on longer trips. Comfortable cycling trousers for kids can prevent this. Kids’ cycling trousers are durable and, like those for adults, cut in such a way that they can handle all the movements on a bike. Cycling trousers with padding ensure a soft seat on longer rides.

  • The right helmet: We all know how important is to protect the head. A suitable cycling helmet should therefore be worn on every trip. A cycling helmet for kids protects the head particularly well, including the forehead, the sides of the head and the back of the head down to the neck. In order for children to enjoy wearing the helmet, it should also be comfortable and of course visually appealing.

  • A firm grip: There are suitable cycling gloves for small hands: thanks to padding, they sit comfortably on the ball of the hand and improve your grip when you’re sweaty. Depending on the weather and the cold, models with covered fingers protect against freezing extremities.

  • Well lit: Whether you’re out on busy roads, at dusk or even at night, a fluorescent vest in addition to the bicycle light can help to keep kids clearly visible on their bikes.

  • Tow-away zone: A bike tow rope makes ascents more comfortable for kids and more strenuous for adults. In return, your range of activities increases enormously and you can also go on more ambitious tours with the kids. Unlike other products, the Bike Tow Rope from Kids Ride Shotgun does not need to be screwed to the bike. This allows the adults to quickly and easily take turns to provide the power. Because the rope is elastic, it seldom hangs slack and it cushions jerky movements. This makes things much more comfortable for everyone involved.

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